mann Objecta provides you with outstanding services in the field of multiplicative shop-fitting. As a family-owned company, we combine German manufacturing quality with the essential efficiency and modern logistics.

Project management

Our project management team calls upon experts for all aspects along the multiplicative shop-fitting value chain. Our project teams are supported by our international network of partners and our internal supply chain services. By working in such a manner, mann Objecta combines the advantages of international and regional procurement and is also able to call upon a network of local partners with whom we have trusting business relationships – in some cases, for more than 30 years.


mann Objecta relies on the group-owned manufacturing company INBAU. The production process brings together modern IT-assisted R&D and production facilities which have specialised in the processing of panel materials.

Logistics & installation

mann Objecta operates its own logistics with a space capacity of 2,550 m2.
The logistics process is monitored by a materials management system, which allows for full transparency at all times about all stocks and movements of goods. Working together with a network of experienced international transport companies, we are in a position to efficiently deal with and manage multiplicative projects on an international scale.

For installation on-site, we have a Europe-wide network of long-standing contractual partners with a capacity of more than 250 fitters. This enables mann Objecta to implement rollout projects across the whole of Europe – both efficiently and achieving perfect quality.