Our quality management is convincing

mann Objecta is also very broadly positioned in this area. After all, not only is the pure quality assurance of our internal processes and the products we manufacture important to us. The positive appreciation of our corporate standpoints, objectives, and ecological and social efforts is also very important to us.

This can be seen in the fact that Objecta is the holder of several certificates at the same time. We do everything in our power to ensure that these qualifications are always kept up to date. Because standing still means taking a step backwards.



DIN EN ISO 14001
DIN EN ISO 14001

ISO EN 14001


ISO quality management in a double

For more than 15 years, mann Objecta has had ISO quality management according to "DIN EN ISO 9001". In 2017, certification was extended to include ISO 14001:2015 and converted to ISO 9001:2015. Both standards stand for the fact that mann Objecta sets itself high, measurable and comprehensible quality and environmental management goals. The provision of all the resources required for this purpose is focused on the following areas:

  • the expectations of our customers
  • the control and optimization of work processes
  • our market
  • the current and legal product requirements
  • the environmental aspect

Every employee is obliged to contribute to the achievement of these goals. This is guaranteed by notices, employee training and systematic quality planning. The latter is based on the internal process and work instructions drawn up by mann Objecta. Documentation of the current quality level of our products and services is an indispensable part of this. This enables us to provide our customers with proof of the quality level at any time.


EcoVadis is the world's most reliable provider of sustainability ratings for the performance of global companies. Objecta has been awarded a silver EcoVadis award for corporate social responsibility since 2019, and in 2022 the company was again able to win the award.  The four main criteria for the award are:

  • environmentally friendly measures
  • Labor Practices and Human Rights
  • Business Ethics
  • sustainable procurement

Not only the company is looked at, but also the supply chain. Objecta has long recognized the need to work proactively with supply partners. Creating durable products is only one part of this. Saving resources and packaging material is another component. But it is also part of the company's philosophy to require its suppliers and business partners to comply with all applicable legal regulations. Even at the deepest levels of the supply chain, serious dangers for people and society, forced labor, slavery, corruption and environmental pollution can be ruled out. Objecta requires its main suppliers to verify these requirements annually in writing.

In EcoVadis' overall evaluation, man Objecta is ranked among the top 21% of the companies evaluated. In terms of labor and human rights, it is in the top 29% of companies in the sectors of construction and finishing works.

ecovadis 2020
ecovadis 2020
Silver ecovadis 2019
2020 Exzellenzbetrieb

Excellence Made in Germany

"Die Deutsche Wirtschaft" has created this new seal of quality to reward reliable and high-performance companies in 2019. The seal is intended to provide clients with market orientation and make it easier for them to enter into new, reliable business partnerships.

The company valuation is based on a review catalog of 17 aspects developed by competent experts. The size of the company does not play a role in the ranking, but rather significant quality and performance factors:

  • informative, basic business data
  • proofs of patents
  • successful cooperations
  • notable operation of social media accounts
  • membership in associations or networks

mann Objecta has been one such "excellence company" of German medium-sized businesses since 2020 and is very proud of it. Yet another reason why we are so clearly an obvious choice for you as an executing service provider.

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