For the production of shop furniture, proven and standardised production processes are part of the daily agenda at mann-Objecta, this area is accordingly heavily geared towards efficiency and cost optimisation. This of course has a massive impact on the budgeting of roll-out projects.

Mann Objecta production lines are primarily designed for the processing of wood-based panel material, which are used in the production of shop furniture and partition walls in all conceivable shapes, sizes and surface finishes,  we also offer components made of metal, glass, plastics and solid surface materials.

In addition to the standard materials and products special designs and furniture for multi site  corporate identity shop solutions or showrooms are also possible, this is where Objecta can score points with its high flexibility, inventiveness and great sensitivity for shapes and colours displayed by the inhouse design and production of a unique raised plinth for car display as well as a modular partition wall system developed in-house.

The latter can also be easily and quickly modified at a later date, as it does not require floor anchoring with dowels and screws. Non-permanent gluing to the floor also allows for modification by the local dealer as his product range changes. Furthermore, illuminated advertising elements, pin boards, large-format advertising spaces and sliding glass doors can be integrated in the basic equipment post installation.