Redesign of Volvo Germany Headquarters

A Journey through the Redesign of Volvo Germany Headquarters in Cologne

An entrance area serves as the face of a company, leaving the first impression on visitors and employees alike. Volvo Germany acknowledged the significance of this space and opted for an impressive redesign. In collaboration with mann Objecta, a concept was developed that not only reflects the current Corporate Identity (CI) but also blends natural elements with modern aesthetics. Let’s embark on a fascinating journey through the newly redesigned entrance area of Volvo Germany Headquarters in Cologne.

The Concept and the Challenge

At the core of the project was the creation of an entrance area that embodies Volvo’s values and philosophy while providing a welcoming, contemporary atmosphere. mann Objecta embraced the challenge of designing a concept that instills visitors with a sense of comfort and a connection to nature without compromising Volvo’s core principles.

Wooden Round Logs – Natural Elegance

Undoubtedly, the focal point of the entrance area is the walls adorned with wooden round logs, seamlessly integrating the coffee bar, moss walls, and a waterfall. The chosen wood exudes natural elegance, establishing a connection to Volvo’s Scandinavian roots.

The Coffee Bar – A Hub for Communication

The coffee bar in the entrance area transcends its role as a place for a cup of coffee. It serves as a hub for communication among employees and visitors, facilitating informal exchanges and networking opportunities. The bar’s design reflects the clean lines and modern aesthetics that are synonymous with Volvo.

Moss Walls – Natural Sanctuaries

Integrating moss walls adds a touch of green to the entrance area. These living plant walls require no maintenance yet provide a natural sanctuary in the bustling environment. The carefully selected moss enhances the room’s climate and creates a harmonious blend of nature and technology.

Highlight Indoor Waterfall – Harmonizing with Nature

The undisputed highlight of the entrance area is the indoor waterfall. The tranquil sound of cascading water creates a relaxing atmosphere, evoking the pure beauty of nature. The waterfall also symbolizes Volvo’s commitment to sustainability and environmental appreciation.


The redesign of the entrance area at Volvo Germany Headquarters in Cologne by mann Objecta showcases a masterpiece of contemporary interior architecture. The concept harmoniously combines natural elements like wooden round logs, moss walls, and an indoor waterfall with Volvo’s current Corporate Identity, resulting in an inviting, serene, and modern ambiance. This impressive entrance area not only highlights Volvo’s innovative spirit but also their dedication to nature and sustainability.

We cordially invite you to visit the new entrance area at Volvo Germany Headquarters in Cologne and immerse yourself in this unique fusion of nature and modern aesthetics.