KIA’s new space identity!

KIA’s new space identity is a design philosophy that aims to create a unique and customer-centric experience for visitors to KIA’s dealerships around the world. The new space identity concept features a modern and sleek design with open and welcoming spaces that invite customers to explore and engage with KIA’s vehicles.

The design of the new space identity incorporates various elements, including a large central area that serves as the focal point of the dealership and is designed to showcase KIA’s latest models. Other key features of the design include a customer lounge area, interactive displays, and modern lighting and materials that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

KIA’s new space identity was first introduced in 2018, and the company has been working to implement the design across its global network of dealerships since then. The goal of the new space identity is to provide customers with a more engaging and personalized experience when visiting KIA dealerships, and to create a consistent brand image across all locations.

The rollout of KIA’s new space identity began in 2021 with two pilots in Gdanzk Poland, Berlin and Frankfurt Germany produced and installed by mann Objecta. We will be working together with KIA to implement the design across the European network of dealerships, with a focus on high-priority markets such as Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and others.

As the rollout of KIA’s new space identity gains momentum, We´re sure that it will continue to make a positive impact on KIA’s brand image and customer experience. With the high volume of requests, it’s clear that KIA’s dealerships around Europe are embracing the new design philosophy and recognizing the benefits of creating a consistent and engaging brand experience for customers.

As a supplier of the new space identity, mann Objecta is playing an important role in supporting the high volume rollout and helping to ensure that the design is implemented effectively and efficiently.

A big thanks to KIA for the long therm relationship and the further trust in our company.