Locations: Germany and Austria Customer since: 1993 ongoing

Since its inception, Volvo has been a brand for people who care about the world they live in and the people around them. They are committed to making life easier, better, and safer for everyone.

The Volvo Next Face program ensures that visiting a Volvo dealer feels like coming home. Its goal is to create a unified visual identity that emphasizes the Scandinavian heritage and strengthens the Volvo brand as a premium marque.

With the program, the experiences and emotions that customers encounter at international auto shows are also conveyed in Volvo's local showrooms. The showrooms evoke a sense of accessibility, openness, and care, reflecting Volvo Cars' values.

Since 2010, mann Objecta has been supplying furniture for German and Austrian Volvo dealers, contributing to creating a home-like atmosphere with every visit.

We are particularly proud of the development and implementation of the reception area at the Volvo Germany headquarters in Cologne.