Prosumer Display© – a new sales concept

A newly developed concept to support sales of electric vehicles: The Prosumer Display©

The Prosumer Display© solves a key challenge in selling electric vehicles: Many of the arguments in favor of EVs require elaborated explanation and go beyond the car itself. But it is challenging to provide such comprehensive information at the point-of-sale.

With the Prosumer Display© car dealerships can help customers to better understand the role of EVs for home energy systems if they use an explanation-based EV presentation (the Prosumer Display©) instead of a regular EV presentation.

How the Prosumer Display© is effective

An online-survey conducted in October 2023 (111 participants*) regarding EVs, pretesting the role of car dealerships with two different forms of product presentation yields following results: The prosumer display is effective.

• Car dealerships can effectively inform customers about salient advantages of EVs if they adjust their product presentation, using a Prosumer Display©

• Car dealerships profit from more informed customers

• Consumers` evaluation of electric vehicles (EVs) is linked to their car dealership choice

See here for more information about the study.

Instantly available and adaptable to specific brand needs

The Prosumer Display© is modular and available in different forms (also smaller versions). The Prosumer Display© can be used throughout Europe, ready to plug in. It is adaptable to specific brand needs or dealership locations. 

Implementing the Prosumer Display© appears beneficial for car dealerships and can be an interesting instrument to improve market positioning (e.g. for incumbents or new entrants).

In short The Prosumer Display© is an effective presentation concept for the sales promotion of electric cars and prosumer assortments with exhibition elements on the topics of energy, climate protection and e-mobility. Based on well-founded research findings on prosumers (energy producers and energy consumers) at the interface of e-mobility, energy and sustainability. The effectiveness of the Prosumer Display© has been tested in a dedicated study.