Hygienestation ENTRANCE 2.0 mannObjecta

Hygiene in retail – for example car dealerships, furniture stores and kitchen dealers, etc. – is an important long-term component in the times of Corona.

This stuff protects customers and employees against COVID-19. A hygiene station and hygiene protection are important for the implementation of hygiene concepts in retail but also at schools, universities, banks, offices, businesses, public institutions, etc. and to protect customers and employees (e.g. in car dealerships, in retail, in hotels, etc.).

The elegant ENTRANCE 2.0 hygiene station and the variable hygiene protection from mann Objecta can be delivered at short notice (even in larger quantities, e.g. for retail brands or purchasing associations) and are quickly ready for use. The design impresses with its clear, modern design and practical functionality.

CI-compliant adjustments of the hygiene station and the hygiene protection (e.g. incorporation of logos, individual materials, colors and shapes) are of course possible (please contact us).