ORA – The new Brandspace!

ORA | A strong brand for exceptional performance.

GWM ORA is the innovative brand for all-electric vehicles from Great Wall Motor Co Ltd (GWM). GWM is an industry leader in intelligent network design and a pioneer in the research and development of key technologies such as 5G, autopilot functions and V2X automotive communications. The focus is on developing forward-thinking and thoughtful green mobility for customers around the world.  

About Great Wall Motor (GWM)

Great Wall Motor (GWM) was founded in 1984 and is now a global company with its production facilities in Baoding, China. With more than 100 subsidiaries and over 60,000 employees worldwide, GWM is a major player in the automotive world. GWM sold 1.1 million vehicles in 2020. GWM manufactures passenger cars, SUVs and pick-ups. The company invests heavily in research and has a vision to offer greener, smarter and simpler vehicles.

ORA’s strong implementation partner mann Objecta

mann Objecta has been working for over a year on the realisation of the planned roll-out in Germany. The CI brand space was planned here on approx. 150 square metres. The specific task for mann Objecta consisted of design consulting, prototyping and the value-optimised planning and production of the shopfitting. In addition, almost 150 retailer locations were projected in approximately 4 months, which in turn means 10 retailer installations per week.

The mann Objecta project management team coordinated the on-schedule delivery with the specific assembly requirements to the complete satisfaction of the customer and the respective dealers.

Challenge & solutions

For O! Automobile GmbH, the most important aspect was to develop the design of the brand-forming elements from the specifications within the defined budget and then to optimise them.

Particular attention was given to developing the design-specific elements with a view to technical simplification in order to achieve the fixed budget realisation.

ORA FUNKY CAT – more than just a car

The new model should not be just any car, but a friend that will spoil the driver all round? ORA is the new car-panion.

Car-panion is derived from the English word “car” for car and “companion” for companion, mate, friend, confidant and ally. Simply someone who loves you as you are and is always there for you.

The FUNKY CAT is 100% electric. 100 % user. It never gets boring – the “FUNKY CAT” constantly updates itself via over-the-air updates and unlocks new features.

The ORA retro-futuristic design is unique. It makes you the highlight on every street. The innovative shopfitting from mann Objecta is a perfect match!