Ford Automotive

Locations: Across Germany Customer since: Ongoing since 2015

With a market share of almost eight percent, Ford Motor Company is one of the leading manufacturers of passenger cars in Germany. The company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford in Detroit (USA) and in 1913 was instrumental in initiating a revolution in production technology with the introduction of assembly line work in the automotive industry.

In 2015 Mann Objecta were contracted by Ford as a service provider for the furnishing of the auto showrooms throughout Germany, this included the specific planning and execution of the store furniture and fittings and the production of bespoke furniture when specified as part of the package.

The mann-Objecta programme for outlets includes the delivery of all standard furniture components which are predominantly white, contrasted with anthracite grey highlights, these emphasise the numerous colour accents of the partitions and information walls causing them to stand out more clearly from the interior giving a vibrancy to the overall look of the showroom. In the client waiting areas, bistro corners are furnished by mann Objecta, these comprise of cabinets that accommodate vending machines for hot drinks and a display refrigerator for soft drinks.

The service counter catches the eye with its extended size and curved shape, to the rear the half-height cabinet modules behind it are fitted with large drawers which contain practical dividing compartments providing the sales staff with a quick overview when it comes to order management. Typical office accessories such as printing equipment and document filing systems also find their place here. Adjacent to the counter, the consultation desks and combined sideboards provide an open and linear outlook for discussions.

In the client browsing area display stands and shelving are set up for sales articles and brochure compartments for catalogues, these and the accessory walls with variable plug-in modules are highlighted by display cases constructed in green tinted glass.