KIA Renewal

Locations: Europe-wide Customer since: 2018 - 2022

The South Korean car manufacturer KIA Motors Corporation has been part of the Hyundai Motor Group since 1998. With around 8 million vehicles sold and 15 plants in ten countries, it is the fourth largest vehicle manufacturer in the world.

 From 2007 the European KIA headquarters has been located in Frankfurt am Main. Just four years later, the company mann - Objecta was invited to work as a preferred shopfitter for KIA Motors Europe GmbH, as part of the Corporate Identity rollout, we are now installing the third rollout to the dealerships.

 The interior dimensions of the respective KIA buildings are varied in the European regions, from a compact sales dealership through to a generously designed headquarters showroom, every variant is complied with using flexible solutions and optimised furnishing features, mann-Objecta now supply 16 European countries.

 Dealerships located in these countries receives Corporate Identity conformant shop furniture from mann- Objecta that is tailor-made for the local conditions. This also includes reception and advice counters, seating and table furniture in the customer waiting areas as well as free-standing room dividers, which can accommodate decorative wheels for example. Information terminals equipped with the latest screen technology, slimline price and brochure displays, wall installations for the presentation of accessories are also included. Attention to detail further enhances clever design, an example among many are the discreetly rising flanks and the deep-milled KIA Motors lettering on the vehicle display platforms.

 Every detail is colour-coordinated and corresponds to the group's advertising specifications, Globality and responsibility as well as customer awareness of quality are reflected in the value and details of the furnishings, all tasks for which mann- Objecta has perfect solutions ready.