Nordkurier Media Group

Locations: Neubrandenburg Customer since: 2018

In 2018 mann Objecta was commissioned by the “Nordkurier Mediengruppe” with concept development for the Servicepoint Neubrandenburg. This included the basic design of the interior and the clear demarcation of the various work and customer areas.

 As the basic idea of the design concept, mann Objecta has developed the theme “Flowing Space”, this guides the visitor on-site in the form of a tour through the premises of the service point, the spatial experience should be felt to be natural and continuous. mann - Objecta concept designs are demonstrated by technical floor plan drawings and attractive 3D renderings, theoretically, but also visually, these clearly convey what lies behind the concept work. The visitor's intended tour of the Servicepoint Neubrandenburg is initially based on a central day-to-day business area, around which the large areas of back office, technology, warehouse and travel agency are distributed. The spaces in between are interspersed by quiet lounge, shop and consultation areas.

 The various departments are in dialogue with each other through their spatial division, their design components and through a deliberately different lighting scheme. A sophisticated lighting concept allows, for example, the warehouse area to take on a darker background, while all workplaces are completely flooded with bright daylight. The lighting plan created by mann - Objecta shows both the colour effect and the light intensity schematically but also in technical values, proposed suggestions for the lighting systems to be used complete this area of the design.

Otherwise, the space is defined by using vertical and horizontal elements. This is particularly evident in the counter areas with some vertical pillars and wooden laminated suspensions in the ceiling area. The planned, friendly furnishing combines personality and functionality and creates a comfortable ambience for a welcoming culture. These impressions are also expressed in vivid 3D simulation images. The perspective representations show the room solutions from a wide variety of viewpoints. They are atmospheric visualizations of the subsequent visitor perception, the presentation of this area is again completed by a proposal for materials to be used.

A highlight of mann Objecta's conceptual work for the Servicepoint Neubrandenburg of the Nordkurier media group is a route analysis, this presents representations and data on the average distances travelled by visitors and employees. A clever room layout allows for short routes, but also promotes the visitor's willingness to explore the room, integrating a very important point into the concept. Once the basic concept has been agreed client specifics and material choice can be identified and added to the final project preparation.