Honda NSX

Locations: Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Frankfurt, Padova, Monaco, Courbevoie-Paris, Zurich, Crissier-Lausanne. Customer since: 2016 Ongoing

The Honda NSX is a mid engine sports coupe incorporating hybrid technology. It is built in small numbers in the USA as a premium world class avant-garde sports car. The NSX is repeatedly distinguished as an innovative pioneer through numerous ongoing technical refinements, accordingly mann Objecta used the experience and flair it has developed to design the Honda showroom that presents the vehicle in an appropriate and inviting manner that ensures it stands out from mass produced vehicles.

The centrepiece of the specific NSX presentation is a stunning mann- Objecta display pedestal in eye catching black glass with a bevelled and backlit Satinato glass border encompassing a wide range of adaptable colours that perfectly accentuate the colour and shape of this hybrid and exotic speedster.

A separate lounge area is created where clients can discuss and design their dream car in privacy and comfort with sales staff, inside it is furnished with brushed stainless steel walls giving way to a stylish couch group in anthracite velour, positioned conveniently for the lounge table that has an integrated touch panel monitor inviting the customer to spend some time there.

By using the menu control the client can display technical information and carry out various configurations on the vehicle whilst viewing premium paintwork, leather and stitching samples, conveniently situated in the bespoke glass topped table, there is also a stylish glass display case presenting the jewellery, watches and leather accessories that complement the car, a smoked glass partition to the front of the room ensures that there is an unhindered view of the dream car at all times.