Volksbank Rhede

Locations: Rhede (Germany) Customer since: 06.06.2018 – 30.11.2018

During the planning of the Volksbank Rhede eG head office extension, it was recognised that equipping the interior with soundproofed doors plays a very important role. Soundproofing not only gives the bank’s employees the peace and quiet they need to make customer-oriented decisions, bank customers also want the utmost discretion in handling their personal and monetary information.

mann Objecta was happy to take on the task of equipping the Volksbank extension with appropriate door solutions in 2018. After clarifying the dimensions and conditions on site, a production process for 20 door elements was initiated. The delivery and installation to include all joinery work on site were part of the scope of works.

Two technical factors are crucial in the construction of soundproofed doors, the mass and the flexibility of the materials, the higher these properties of a door are, the better its sound-insulating effect. Soundproof doors are therefore designed in a multi-layer construction, which is also referred to as a sandwich design. In order to guarantee the rigidity, the individual layers are only connected to each other at certain points, a filling is introduced on the inside between the two door outer shells, each with the largest possible mass, this can, for example, consist of dimensionally stable mineral wool. Due to this sandwich construction, the sound waves produced can be comprehensively absorbed, excellent sound insulation values between 35 and 45 decibels can thus be achieved.

However, the overall concept only works if the door rebate is correctly sealed with acoustic seals that show an increased recovery capacity. The condition of the walls, ceilings and windows must also be included in the soundproofing measures.

In the case of the measures at Volksbank Rhede eG, a block frame design with lateral, partially frosted glass elements and mounted skylights was used. The block frame allows the door leaves to be flush with the wall panelling. It consists of a solid frame part with a rectangular profile, the laminate surfaces of the soundproof doors and frames were executed in “Cherry Tree Verona” decor manufactured by Egger. The decision was to use horizontal veneer for both the frames and the door leaves, this harmonises excellently with the three cross bars in an elegant metal lock attached to the door fronts.