Mitsubishi Motors

Locations: germany-wide Customer since: 2019

At Mitsubishi Motors Germany, mann Objecta took over the tasks of CI furniture production, delivery and final assembly of the furniture on site in 2019.

The furnishing of all furnishing components is based on Mitsubishi CI specifications. The predominant colors on the furniture are black, white and concrete gray. Behind the spacious reception counter, a black "brandwall" dominates, from which the LED-illuminated brand logo stands out perfectly.

The technology and workstation counters in the sales area include special technology and roll containers that allow for optimal storage of accessories. The lounge area for customers is furnished with straight, grey and black armchairs and round shaped stools. The above-mentioned areas are joined by highboards, the heights of which vary. Variants in different folder heights are available.

In general, Mitsubishi Motors Germany's order also includes the aspect of production of special furniture and other object-related custom-made products. Here, mann Objecta is characterized by perfectly tailored solutions that can be realized within the time frame. Customer satisfaction is the absolute focus of our tasks and services.

Eye-catchers that cannot be overlooked are the car platforms measuring 3 x 5 meters and 4 x 6 meters, which highlight a special vehicle model in the exhibition area. The car platforms are typical, well thought-out product developments from mann Objecta.