NetGo Basecamp

Locations: Borken, Germany Customer since: Planning 2017

The IT company "netgo", started construction in January 2018 on the site for the new innovative company complex, which accommodates 180 employees, is located on a total site area of 21,000 m². The overall 167 m long construction project has an investment cost of 9 million euros and is located on the outskirts of the town of Borken.

 One highlight is the furnishing concept for the base camp in addition to the pure functionality of the workstations, the concept should also reflect other aspects, these include co-working, a feel-good factor in all interiors and relaxation in homely areas to chill out, take a break and concentrate. It even extends to the design of a fitness studio for netgo employees that distracts them from everyday office life.

 The final concept is designed with an inviting entrance area highlighted with a striking shaped reception counter finished in the netgo corporate colours, dark grey, orange and white which provides the visitor with a striking visual awareness the company. All waiting areas offer sufficient privacy and allow for relaxing views to the outside or a cosy fireplace area.

 The corridors and used areas are mostly connected through large-format wall designs that draw the viewer into the following rooms, design elements such as green plants and accessories offer a variety of sensations to the eye. Ceilings and walls feature plainly shaped or organically curved laminate surfaces in white or subtle wood colours. They also support the basic design principle of “peace and order”, to which the indirect room lighting also contributes.

 The numerous meeting rooms were planned to form of a variety of harmonious themed worlds, a changeable auditorium offers numerous listeners the opportunity to participate in internal or customer-oriented discussion. As a multi-talented open-plan space, it has many possible uses.

 As a unique feature, special rooms were conceived for creative thinking, these areas provide space for undisturbed, concentrated reflection and also idea finding situations through components such as swings and hammocks. Likewise, there are rooms for relaxation (power napping), chill-out areas with cushion landscapes, as well as undisturbed communication zones for interacting mental activities.