Sixt Group

Locations: Germany and Belgium Customer since: 2015 - 2016

The family-run SIXT SE Group, a company listed on the stock exchange, is known in the mobility sector for its services in the areas of car rental, car sharing, driving services and vehicle leasing. From 1991, SIXT SE expanded increasingly on an international level. It has now established countless car rental locations in 105 countries.

Two of these countries, Germany and Belgium, were served by mann-Objecta as a main contractor and supplier in 2015 and 2016 an expansion and conversion of the Sixt stations located in these countries took place, during which the branches were comprehensively modernised.

The services provided by mann Objecta included project management, project control and construction management through to final cleaning and handover. This complicated project demanded that all  trades had to be coordinated, documented and monitored by mann- Objecta across all disciplines and areas of expertise to  ensure a turnkey handover of the SIXT stations.

All projects included the demolition, dismantling and gutting work required to enable the implementation of the agreed building and preparation required to complete the interior plans by mann Objecta. The scope of works would include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical engineering. The programme had to be seamlessly coordinated and implemented.

The actual interior work included the floor covering, drywall and plastering work as well as the ceiling construction, all decorations plus the installation of the designed lighting solutions. Objecta also were responsible for installing wall panelling, partition walls and interior doors including the necessary adjustments to the project-specific conditions. Glass partition wall systems were also supplied and installed by us.

The icing on the cake of this project is SIXT eye-catching concept, which was predominant in the station design. The dominant colours are grey, black and especially recognisable is the bright orange, together, this results in a colourful and exciting overall interior that embodies and represents the Group.