GO GREEN 2025 

GO GREEN_Fichtenwald

The European economy is reorganizing itself for a European Green Deal. An important source of inspiration is the EU Commission with its concept of making the EU climate neutral by 2050. Mann Objecta launched the mO “GO GREEN 2025” strategy in 2020. As part of GO GREEN 2025, we are developing new products, services and competencies to support our customers nationally and internationally on their way to sustainability and CO2 neutrality.

CO2-neutral shopfitting, CO2-neutral store design, CO2-neutral office furnishings and sustainability are important buzzwords of GO GREEN 2025.

As part of GO GREEN 2025, we determined our carbon food print. We have developed possibilities to support you in the area of climate neutrality and sustainability of CI implementation, shop design, shop fitting and object furnishing.

Read more about “GO GREEN 2025” on our homepage in the future section of sustainability wich will be vailable as soon as possible.