How does automotive retailing look like in the future?

We asked ourselves this question with Prof. Ulrich Blum and architecture students from the MSA Münster School of Architecture: How does automotive retailing look like in the future? The results are fascinating and give exciting impressions of the car dealership of the future. You can find an initial overview of the project in an article in the AUTOHAUS magazine (see here AUTOHAUS_12-2021_Studentenprojekt).

We are happy to share some of the lessons learned. We have developed the following theses regarding the rapidly changing mobility sector:

  • Automotive retailing is becoming a key competitive factor
  • Automotive retailing and the stationary car dealership of the future will be a decisive success factor in the industry
  • The automotive retailing of the future will change and improve a lot compared to today’s dealerships. Mobility and mobility hubs will become central topics (Pop-UP stores, shop-in-shop, cross-selling mobility concepts, etc.)

Ideas and emotions will be central. Automotive retailing of the future will internalize and present a completely new image of cars and individual mobility. Mobility is part of a self-determined, future-oriented lifestyle. Emotions and ideas become central at the point of sale. Modern architecture and intelligent shopfitting put cars, complementary mobility solutions and their functions in the center.

Novel products and services play a bigger role. Automotive retailing and mobility hubs of the future integrate completely new products and services that support and complement traditional approaches of automotive retailing. For example, electric mobility requires to rethink the incumbent mix or products and services. The respective business models play an important role in determining which product range is ​​most promising.

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