Wartebereich Hörgeräte Kehlput

A first-class hearing aid shop was built in the listed railway station in Schwetzingen.

The conceptual approach of the implementation of the special shop was the implementation of an overall design, atmospheric emotionalization, to which the young entrepreneur and hearing aid acoustician J. K. Kelputh incorporated his idea of ​​a shop in such a way that customers feel at home.

The shop becomes the “living room for the customer”.

The mann Objecta team has adapted the architectural structures and rooms, designed and manufactured functional and aesthetically furniture and put together suitable materials and colors.

As a general contractor and shopfitter, we delivered everything from a single source, from planning to execution. Every day, Mr. Kelputh and our team experienced how the vacant space in the listed Schwetzingen train station became more and more a gem.

The planning has now become reality!

You can find an impression of the process to the finished solitaire at the photo series.

Photos: mO & Christine Frei Photography